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Good and Natural Health Center
Calle Del Norte Ste 16B, Laredo, Texas 78041 - Tel. (956) 795-0240
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Dr. De La Garza holds a diplomate from the National Board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners ans has been in practice for almost 30 years. He is also a Member of the Mexican and American School of Traditional Medicine. He has taught on the professional level as an assistant professor for Capital University of Alternative Medicine. Dr. De La Garza graduated from the Medical School for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong. He appeared in the Health Segment of Channel 8 News.

Affordable, Holistic, Health Care
Pain Management, Auricular and Chinese Therapies, Sports Injury, Impotence, Depression, Obesity
Acupressure $40 - Reflexology $25 - Massage $25/$45 -Theraphy $25 - Detox $20

We may be able to help these conditions: Stress, Anxiety, Depression.
All types of pain: Headache, Neck Pain, Tightness Between the Should Blades, Low Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Spinal Disc Pain, Muscle Pain
Let's face it, if you are really rich or really poor, health care is usually provided with little concern to the patient. But the rest of us have a little problem. We work like dogs, make just enough money to pay our never ending bills, and because we put such a load on our bodies... we feel like we have been run over by a truck. - Have you ever said: I would like to see a specialist, but they are so expensive. - I have heard that acupressure is great for stress, but who in Laredo can even do it? I would like to have some theraphy on my aching muscles, but I probably need a referral from my doctor (more expensive). - I started Good an Natural Health Center to give the working people of Laredo a non-drug, holistic, affordable approach to health care. Not sure? Consultations are free! (956) 795-0240 Dr. De La Garza N.M.D., P.M.D., D.O.M.

The First in Laredo with Tradicional Chinese Medicine. Great Selection on Natural Medicine.

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