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Amazingly, a cavernous sports bar has been retooled
as a chic purveyor of worldy cuisine. We approved of executive chef ’s Asian shrimp wontons tinged with a chile-infused citrus sauce and quite liked the greens tossed with feta, grapefruit, and shaved fennel in a sweet citrus vinaigrette. The coriander-crusted grouper paired well with a hearty gratin of potato and leek, drizzled with a perky green-pea sauce.
(956-718-9955). Open Mon-Sat 11-3 & 6-11.
Closed Sun. Reservations recommended.
This review from June 2005. Texas Monthly.

101 Calle Del Norte Laredo, Texas 78041 Tel. 956-723-2969
LA BARRANCA GRILLE - 107 Calle del Norte, No 30 - Tel. 956-718-9955 - Laredo, Texas 78041